Subscription: Casal Plus Pack – Casal Plus Pack – 10 M meals + 10 L meals + 10 light dishes

The original price was: €182.00.The current price is: €172.90. / week

Package Products

– 10 M meals (250g) per week.

– 10 L meals (350g) per week.

– 5 light dishes per week.


-Save 5% every week.

– Guarantee that you won’t forget to order.

– Weekly meal selection in the customer area until Tuesday of each week.


– The value of the package will be debited every week on the same day.

– The weekly meal selection must be made in the customer area on Tuesday of each week. Otherwise, we will make the choices so that you can still receive the meals.

– The first debit is made on the day the subscription is signed and all other debits will be made on Tuesday counting for the following week.

– When subscribed, the package must be active for at least 4 weeks. After this period you can cancel or suspend at any time.

– The cancellation of the agreement must be done 24 hours before the next debit is made. If done later, the cancellation will only take effect next week.

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