How to order

How to begin?

We recommend that you start by ordering one of our meal packages. They are quick to order and guarantee a variety that allows you to try a little of everything. We have packages for all goals.


What do I need to know before ordering?

The Food4Fitness concept meets a healthy lifestyle, with a careful and planned diet so that nothing goes wrong at meal times or even when hunger strikes in the middle of the day.

That's why our deliveries are made weekly. Which means you will receive everything you order at once.

Whether it's a small trial order or a pack 40 (package of 40 meals).

All meals are delivered with an expiration date of 3 to 9 days. If you don't consume any by the end of the deadline, you can freeze them.

When should I order?

You can place your order until Friday at 19pm. However, we advise you to order by Tuesday so as not to run out of dishes and have plenty of variety available.

If you place your order after Friday at 19pm you can opt for a Mystery Pack which has delivery in 00h - 24h.

In which areas do we deliver meals?

We send our products to any point in Portugal and mainland Spain. So, whether you live in Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Madrid, Barcelona or even in the most remote village, we will meet you.


How is payment processed?

We accept payments by bank card, MB way, bank transfer and meal card.

MB way: You must choose the MB WAY option by entering your phone number at checkout.

Bank card: You must enter your name, card number, validity and CVV in the "Credit card" field at checkout.

Bank transfer: Use the Instant Bank Transfer option at checkout and you will be taken to your bank to make the transfer.

 Meal card: You can use your meal card to pay for your order but it must be associated with the MB way app.

*In the case of the card Sodexo or Santander, the same must be used in the payment option with the same name.


- If you want a taxpayer number on your invoice, you must provide us with the details on the checkout form.

Is there a minimum value to order?
There is a very minimum value of 30€ per order due to our concept and costs associated with shipping fresh food.
Can I cancel or return my order?
Due to the characteristics of our concept and product (perishable fresh products), cancellations or returns are not accepted, with the exception of the existence of an error or non-conformity in the order when it is reported to Food4Fitness on the day of delivery (Checking the products must be done immediately upon arrival).
When it is not possible to deliver an order for reasons beyond the control of Food4Fitness (e.g. inability to enter the customer's building, broken doorbell, absent customer) the customer must provide an alternative. (e.g. Leave the order at the door, provide a new address no more than 5km from the address initially provided).
In the absence of alternatives, the customer must pick up the order on the same day at our facilities. If this does not happen, a new delivery may be requested at additional costs.
Food4Fitness is not responsible for the loss of items when an alternative for delivery on the day of delivery is not provided.
How do I contact Food4Fitness?
You can contact us by email at geral@food4fitness.pt, via Whatsapp no. +351 916051627 or via chat on the website. We promise a quick response.

Our products

Are the meals fresh or frozen?
Meals arrive at your home fresh. They are packaged in a protective atmosphere that gives them up to 12 days of validity as long as they are kept between 4 and 6 degrees.
You will receive meals with an expiration date of 3 to 9 days.
You can also choose to freeze them during their expiration date and they will have a shelf life of 3 months.
What is the validity of the meals?
Food4Fitness meals are delivered fresh and because they are made without preservatives or sugars that prolong their shelf life, they are valid for up to 9 days from packaging as they are packaged in a protective atmosphere.
Lunch boxes can be frozen to extend their shelf life of up to 3 months as long as you do so when you receive them.
The freezing of lunch boxes is the responsibility of the customer as we cannot be responsible for the freezing conditions of each piece of equipment.
*It is important to note that the 9-day validity is based on the packaging of the products, and may reach the customer with less validity (from 3 to 9 days).
How should I heat meals?
Our meals are ready to be consumed. Just pierce the protective plastic with a fork and place in the microwave for 2-3 minutes.
If you choose to heat in a frying pan, you must preheat it and heat the contents of the meal without forgetting to stir. This method is preferred for heating grilled meats.
You can also heat your lunch box in the oven. To do this, you must remove all the protective plastic but cover with oven-safe paper and do not exceed 120º C in oven temperature.
ATTENTION: When you heat your lunchbox it loses water and therefore intensifies the flavor but also the salt concentration. Only heat your lunch box long enough to bring it to a pleasant temperature. Don't leave it in the microwave for too long as there is a risk of the food becoming dry or too intense.
Can I make changes to meals?
We do not allow changes to dishes on the menu (for example, swapping broccoli for green beans). We do this to streamline our process so we can keep meal prices affordable. If you want more specific customization, we suggest that you purchase our single-ingredient portions so you can create your meals with complete freedom.
I have allergies and dietary restrictions. How should I proceed?
Our clients' dietary restrictions are a constant concern at Food4fitness. That's why we list all the ingredients on the sheet for each meal, both on the website and in each lunch box. You should consult it before making your purchase.
We make and pack hundreds of dishes every week, which makes it impossible to get the particular attention that your case deserves. So every time you buy a meal or package you should check that there is nothing on the list that you cannot or do not want to consume.
How do meal packages work?
To simplify your life, Food4fitness has pre-defined packages with meals of different sizes for different objectives such as weight loss or mass gain, among others.
When you choose to purchase by package, you will be able to freely choose meals from our weekly menu and light dishes within the limitations and rules of each pack.
*The choice of package constituents cannot exceed 5 units of each product.
How do weekly plans/subscriptions work?
Some meal packs have a “weekly subscription” option available. This option allows you to subscribe to the purchase of the same package and receive meals without having to order weekly. The subscription will be active until you request to cancel it in the website's chat.
To subscribe, you must go to Packs » Package subscription, Add the product you want to subscribe to the cart and complete the purchase.
To choose the meals you will receive, you must go to your customer area in the area Weekly pick and enter the product, choose meals and complete the purchase.
When subscribed, the package must be active for at least 4 weeks without interruption. After this period you can cancel or suspend at any time.
  • Choosing meals for the week must always be made by Tuesday of each week. Otherwise, we will make the choices so that you can still receive the meals.
  • The cancellation of the agreement must be done 24 hours before the next debit is made. If done later, the cancellation will only take effect next week.
  • The first subscription debit is made on the day of initial purchase and all others are made on Tuesdays.
Do the meals contain Gluten, Lactose, Eggs, Shellfish or Nuts?
We have a wide variety of allergen-free meals, however you will need to check the ingredients in each one.
We prepare all of our meals in large quantities in a professional kitchen where we handle all types of ingredients, and therefore, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the products are entirely free of a particular allergen.
If you have a serious allergy to an ingredient, we advise you to consult a doctor before consuming our meals.
What are Low-carb meals?
Food4Fitness has a Low-carb option for all dishes on the week's menu, which consists of a version with fewer carbohydrates or even without the presence of rich sources of this macronutrient.
Ex: Grilled chicken + Mix of vegetables
Choosing this option on the packages means that you will receive the Low-carb version of the original dish but does not guarantee, in some cases, the total absence of a source of carbohydrates.
Ex: Cod Rice + Green Beans

Packaging and recycling

What material are the packaging made of?
We use a material called PP (Polypropylate), developed to be in contact with food which, in addition to being safe, can be frozen, microwaved and baked (max. 120º C. Furthermore, this compound is 100% recyclable. which is not the case with all other heat-sealed packaging options available on the market.
This is the best material for packaging food as it consumes the least amount of carbon to produce and protects the quality and shelf life of the products as a physical barrier is created that almost 100% prevents gas exchange.
However, we will always be attentive to new developments in the world of packaging and will make changes whenever this does not jeopardize our product and the safety of our customers.
Can I recycle packaging?
You can and should recycle your cuvettes. Our packaging and film are made from Polypropylene, which is 100% recyclable up to 10 times. Do your part and place it in the yellow recycling bin because preserving your home is as important as your health. The planet earth.

Distribution of products

When will I receive my order?
Check the email we sent you when you registered your order. At the bottom of it is displayed the day of the week on which you will receive or collect your order.
Deliveries have an associated cost that can be found at checkout at the time of your purchase. We offer delivery by us with orders of €50 or more and deliveries by courier from €120.
If I am not at home, how do I receive my order?
If you cannot be at home, you must notify us at least 24 hours in advance so that we can organize the delivery route. In this situation you must ensure that someone can receive your order, even if it is at a different address (in the same area).
In the event that we stop by your house and there is no one there to receive the order, it will have to be picked up by you at our facilities in Lisbon or at the closest facilities of the carrier responsible for your shipment.
You can choose delivery in a refrigerated box. This is a type of delivery that allows us to leave the box in a shaded location of your choice and place it in the refrigerator only when you arrive at home/work. Our box maintains the ideal temperature until the end of the day*
*For orders left out at an outside temperature of up to 30 degrees.
How can I track my Food4Fitness shipment?
Orders destined outside the outskirts of Lisbon are sent by courier as a matter of urgency. In a normal situation, they always arrive on Mondays from 09am to 18pm (except holidays) and the status of the shipment can be consulted directly with the carrier. To be able to do so, the customer will have to request the shipping number from Food4Fitness so that they can provide it when contacting the carrier.
Own distribution and transporters

We use refrigerated vehicles for distribution in Lisbon and surrounding areas on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (central Lisbon).

If deliveries are made outside this area, we rely on our transport partners who bring our meals to you at controlled temperatures.


There may be delays in distribution and your order may be delivered later or the next day. These situations are rare and do not happen by our will, but it is important that you consider this possibility. Food4Fitness does not issue refunds due to a delay of up to 48 hours in delivery of the order.


Warning: We are aware that sometimes, when the order is sent by courier, it may suffer some knocks during distribution, which can cause it to arrive with a more mixed appearance.

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